Monday, 19 October 2015


Book: Anatomy of Corruption in Nigeria
Author: S Labanji Bolaji
Publisher: Daystar Press

Who was S (Simeon) Labanji Bolaji? He was a Nigerian newspaper administrator and editor, a journalist, author, intellectual and social critic. He published at least four books, of which many pundits consider Anatomy of Corruption to be the most important. Labanji edited national newspapers like Sketch, Tribune, Punch and Concord. He published hundreds of pungent articles where he essentially pushed for a more decent, integrity-driven innovative society. Throughout his lifetime he fought against scourges like corruption, bribery and sharp practices no matter how high-placed. The book, Anatomy of Corruption is very much an eye-opener especially in view of particular societal tendencies and cultural practices that tend to encourage corruption. Indeed many things we take for granted are ruinous and insidious. The author points out brilliantly again and again that often what seems common and simple are destroying the society and country. We learn that corruption comes in all shapes and sizes, "corruption of the soul"; "corruption of the body" wherein humans succumb to the weaknesses of the flesh, and even use sex as a weapon or blackmail. Paying sycophants, including musicians to sing one's praises in crafty manner - all this fan and fuel corruption, dishonesty across the board...Reading this book one is amazed at how much of a thinker and prophet the author was; his thorough analysis of the evils of corruption is startling. No wonder the book has been a hit globally, stocked in countless international libraries across the world. Even now in the light of what the current Nigerian President, Buhari avows, this book is so relevant. "If we don't kill corruption in Nigeria, it will kill us all," Buhari would say. Labanji knew that many decades ago!
- P Lothane

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