Friday, 13 November 2015


Written by Ntsoaki Maieane (below)

OH! Heavens let me tell you of a spirit amongst us
A spirit so heavenly, it touches a soul,
With hope it lightens faces of souls.
It brings about change in them that is inevitable,
A spirit so powerful that its laughter raises emotions to be left out in the light,
A spirit so beautiful ,that it beautifies others in its world,
Chief BOLAJI, CHIEF; MALOME is the spirit to never be forgotten
On the lips of the living,
Malome to so many people, a friend cherished to others,
A dad,  a mentor and hey a jolly good fellow.

Heaven let me testify about a man so humble,
A child in heart readily to forgive.
A giant like figure, full of humor it surprises and humbles men

A shy face so difficult not to forgive, with lips that tell
stories like ancient men of stone age
Hands so welcoming, supportive that never asks anything in return,
Among us lives a legend, a lion, yes

Lives a treasure with four limbs, Yet it feels like a dream...
This is my testimony Malome Bolaji my friend,
Malome and Chief in Commander!
I guess it really is a case of suke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. A well written piece by Ntsoaki, painting the picture and deeds of Malome Bolaji. indeed he will never be forgotten.