Friday, 5 February 2016


BOOK  The Sky's the Limit. 

South Africa keeps on producing intelligent, dynamic, successful black women now increasingly turning out their own books. These books tend to touch on many things - fiction, biography/autobiography, and poetry.

Some pundits are already reckoning that Matefo Morakeng, as a woman who has made her mark in the corporate world - and now an author - reminds them of the awesome Angela Makholwa, a most fecund author who over the years published successful works. Ms Morakeng however is very much an author in her own mould, even if others might mention her alongside Makholwa, Napo Masheane, Futhi Ntshingila, Lebo
Mashile, JahRose Jafta, and other younger SA black female authors.

"A no-fail guide for young entrepreneurs to reach success. The author here guides you to achieve success in your journey as an entrepreneur. The steps she outlines are critical that might not be taught in a university or College. Once you understand them and apply them in your journey, you will soon realise that entrepreneurship or running a business is doable with the right mindset and reasonable expectations. Passions, emotions, relationships, networks, change and mentorship are all explored in this book,"

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