Wednesday, 6 April 2016

MPHO MATSITLE publishes CELIBACY and Other Cute Little Things

Mpho Matsitle was born and bred in Kanana, the mining township of Orkney in the little dorpie Klerksdorp, raised in a wonderful church by a loving family, a graduate of
the University of the Free State and now by default a denizen of Bloemfontein where he works and wards off philistinism with his magic provocations.

Lover to one, friend to few, intellectual leader to some, comrade to many.
A reader, Facebook griot, patron of the arts, lifestyle fraudster, coffee connoisseur, and Jazz junkie.

Currently working on a series of provocations called *State of Mangaung Arts* and sitting on a manuscript for a novella, *Kleva Tsa Westdene *(it's too good! He'd feel like a fraud claiming he wrote it)*.*


Sankara Publishers

253 Park Street



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