Tuesday, 1 August 2017


South Africa's Hector Kunene penned this poem in honour of the departed Adebayo Faleti

Nigerian nonagenarian rests
A pillar rooted literary grounded
A polygamous famous doyen
A language written page stolen

Let my cries vanish for this tree has lived
It has birthed a forest, big enough to produce tissues to dry my sorrows
Memories are painted in diaries
Canvasses are thirsty and ready to quench from drowned brushes

Three times a lady left behind in a matrimony
A well rounded fifteen erupted from his loins join an unworthy ceremony
We have put our ears on the ground to garner and gather the food for thoughts
That we should cry rather less for them that sail away than those that exist without purpose!

For this doyen has planted seeds of strength brewing in soils well eroded by the blowing winds
Good evening grey hair!
Good rest whilst at it too
Will see you beyond sky blue!

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