Tuesday, 8 September 2015

THE INSTRUMENT. By Victor Thorpe

'They say that comparisons are odious, but many African readers would probably agree that the Nigerian writer, Victor Thorpe is a great African writer - despite the fact that he mainly concentrated on writing wonderful thrillers. He wrote very well, always charmingly humorous, combining ingredients like murder, mystery, horror, outrage, the supernatural, with larger than life adversaries. So it is in this work. Like in the previous novel (The worshippers) incredibly evil forces are at work, with strange things going on - including horrific murders and sacrifices. Paul Okoro, journalist and investigator, assisted by his beautiful young wife, Aimee, are pitted against the most diabolical forces imaginable. They themselves are under siege, with a macabre gigantic mushroom wreaking havoc on them. The action moves on and we learn that Paul and his wife have been chosen for the special task of combating the forces of evil (and note that the intrepid man has only one leg!) Later on they meet the larger than life man behind all the horrors and crimes; they are captives themselves. But this time as the story tapers to an end, supernatural forces come to the aid of Paul and Co too, and the evil ones are all apprehended. Other strange matters are explained. A superb narrative, as Thorpe weaves his magic again.'

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