Friday, 18 September 2015



This collection of poems written by Tiisetso M Thiba encompasses poems written from various motions and seasons, by learning how life unfold its self and treat the living soul. Life is a precious thing, though is precious sometimes it can make folks tattered, make them love, loathe, smirk and prank at point of times. This line simply takes you through the book and grants you a light of what book entails.

To those in the know of literary fraternity, there is a frisson of palpable excitement as the book comes into fruition. Tiisetso Thiba the author is a close to born a poet as any wordsmith can be. And he writes his poems from intrinsic motivation, influenced by manifestations in his surroundings. One can say this book is a special one for the author because it comprises lots of affection, sorrows, ebullient and expression of inner being. 

The author doesn’t wary away to write about, politics state, and milady that fading society and xenophobia’s that takes place in countries frequently and tar the world apart. But on this book he verdict to make it personal and it is a mirror of a society because anyone can relate to it.And most importantly I would like to dedicate my sincere gratitude to my Brothers and Sisters, my lovely Parents and friends for their loyal support. God loves us all.

Thiba is a smooth fluent effortless poet, combining Eurocentric standard verses with African authenticity. Over the years his multi-faceted appeared in many newspaper, magazines, and journals and liberally on the internet.

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