Monday, 29 August 2016


By Tebogo Ditshego

Oh, for genuine literary catalysts in Africa! Over the decades some prominent names in this wise spring to mind, especially the magnificent Ulli Beier and David Cook, both of whom inspired and even published so many early outstanding African writers. Many might argue that writers are essentially self-centred people, but even among writers in Africa some have done a lot to inspire mainstream appreciation for literature and writing, like the legendary Chinua Achebe, and the much younger Charmaine Kolwane (South Africa). Incidentally the author of this work, Tebogo Ditshego, is a South African too. A young man who has inspired many people to relish the world of books, including online. He has been recognised by Forbes, and he's growing from strength to strength. Now comes this debut work (fiction) from him. Tebogo, the author is reputed as confident, poised, even something of a rapper. Kasi Nerd. South Africans of course know that "kasi" means - it is a common term used for the townships/location; hence this work is about a young man seemingly out of sync with his society as he pursues exceedingly what looks like awkward, boring vocations. Intellectual pursuits unrelated to idling around, "enjoying" dagga, chasing the intombi (ladies) etc...the author knows the scenario well, and as a very successful young man himself, he delineates his topic convincingly and somewhat pitches his tent with...okay, read this work yourself!

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