Thursday, 8 September 2016

MY MUSE - How the Book came into fruition


My Muse (In the healing seasons)

'Basically the book is a seasonal roller coaster ride of relationships,when two people love each other, a storm is guaranteed because this is a fusing of two different personalities.

So in My muse we wrote the book and subdivided it into four seasons of love where the relationship was at spring, at it's leaves protruding out of the stem, then summer when all is cosy and rosy then comes Autumn where things just fall apart then winter where the relationship is at its dire need to survive or die! So we depicted and according to the emotional bumper to bumper situation and used almost the appropriate words we felt in our lives during this time, also the book is based on personal experience with our lives together with fiction there and there.

We then adopted the story into a play directed by Godfrey Manenye who used his skills as a lecturer of the Drama department at the University of the Free State to bring the book into life by creating scenes and breathing life to the skeleton we brought him.
The play was well accepted and highly applauded as a result it is coming back to the Macufe festival in October in Free State

We are continuing to launch the book country wide and currently it is touring Limpopo, then soon to be heading for Botswana international festival.' - Hector

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